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How to harness the power of the mind for manifestation

We may have come across the idea about harnessing the power of the mind. Yet, not many of us utilise it fully for manifesting what we want. More often than not, we use the mind for cognitive tasks like problem-solving and decision-making, relegating its extraordinary potential to the background.

It’s important to recognise that we are constantly in the process of manifesting. Our thoughts play a significant role in shaping the world we live in. If we focus our mind on negative thoughts, it is more likely that we bring about a negative outcome. On the contrary, if we think more positively about ourselves, our life and about the world, we are more likely to manifest a positive set of results. 

Here’s an example about how our thoughts shape the reality we are in. Let’s say if you are constantly predicting that you are going to fail. This being the case, it is not likely that you will do your very best to find a solution or to make things work. On the other hand, if you believe that you have the potential to succeed, you are less likely to give up so easily. In fact, you will do your best to stay in the game and to figure a way out.

Indeed, it would be helpful to understand more about our mind, so that we can tap into its inherent power in order to actively manifest our ideal outcomes. It’s what I set out to do more than 10 years ago. To put things simply, I’ve come to understand that it boils down to two essential elements when using our minds for manifestation: intention and attention

By applying both of these, we are better able to unlock the full potential of our minds for manifesting.

Harness Mind Power: Intention

It begins by setting clear, specific and strong intentions. The clearer you are in what you are wanting with no buts or self-sabotaging thoughts, the more successful you are going to be. Your intention is like a navigating force, providing the direction of your desired outcome. State your intention using clear and simple words.

Harness Mind Power: Attention

What you focus on expands. Thus, practice placing attention on your intention. Obey this 68-second rule for manifestation. Visualise your intention as if it is already true. Feel the emotions, see the details, and experience the journey towards your goals in your mind.

Harnessing the Mind for Manifestation

Over the last decade, I’ve taught others on how they can use the mind to manifest improved outcomes. I’ve observed that when one key element is missing or not in place, manifesting success gets impeded. However, once we were able to identify where the gap is, success rates became higher.

By combining both intention and attention, you are better able to harness the power of the mind for manifesting what you want. Try this spoon bending exercise, so that you can apply your mind power with intention and attention. Stay true to what you are intending to manifest with attention, in order to amplify your manifesting power. The power does not lies outside of you but very much within your mind!

Love and Abundance Always,
Evelyn Lim

Transformation Life Coach

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