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What are Glimmers

Glimmers are the opposite of triggers. Glimmers are moments that act as cues for self-regulation and for soothing our nervous system. They are tiny moments where we feel relaxed, safe, assured and connected. In contrast triggers cause us to feel threatened. When we are triggered badly, our fight-flight-freeze response can get excessively activated and our nervous system becomes deregulated. 

The concept of glimmers first came from Polyvagal theory.  The theory was introduced by Stephen Porges in 1995 where we learn about how our autonomic nervous system is constantly on the lookout for cues to determine if they are dangerous. “Glimmers” is coined by Deb Dana, a licensed clinical social worker who specialises in complex trauma and also the author of The Polyvagal Therory in Therapy, as a way to help us shift out of survival mode. 

In glimmers, we are invited to appreciate the simple pleasures that often go unnoticed in our lives; such as, the gentle breeze or the peace in our surroundings. What’s involved is taking a mindful pause as we tune into the moment of now. Glimmers aren’t necessarily big experiences of joy but subtle tiny moments that help us conjure a sense of calm and serenity. We are able to bask in feelings and sensations that help our nervous system to operate in a state of balance. 

Understanding what glimmers are about is crucial. The idea is to recognise small positive moments repeatedly that eventually shapes our nervous system to safety and connection. Glimmers gently help us to rewire the mind, with the realisation that just as there are traumas, there are also moments of wellness. Because they often go unnoticed, setting an intention to find glimmers can be helpful! 

Examples of Glimmers 

Glimmers can be found in everyday life. Examples of glimmer moments are many. You can find them in

  • listening to your favourite music over the radio
  • feeling the sand on your feet while taking a walk on the beach
  • basking in nature
  • playing with your dog
  • taking in the aroma of freshly baked bread.  

What’s important is tuning in, engaging your senses and embodying the experience – even if it is a tiny moment. 

My Glimmer Moment

Since I found out about what glimmers are, I started to notice them. However, there was one magical moment that stood out for me. It happened when I was in Bali. 

Even though it was a warm day, the lapping of small waves in the pool lent a cooling effect. All was quiet amidst the lush green surroundings. In that moment, stress completely vanished. Instead, I tapped into ease, relaxation and safety, and the sensing that my world is okay.  

A glimmer moment
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I created a short video on what glimmers are. View the video on youtube shorts here! 

Find Your Glimmers

I’d like to invite you to find your glimmers today. What are moments that can help you regulate your nervous system with a sense of calm, safety and connection? 

Love and abundance always,
Evelyn Lim


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