Hike to Paulina Falls at Newberry Crater Fall 2023


We have hiked from McCay Crossing to Paulina Falls multiple times, typically in the late fall and early spring when crowds are gone and snow accumulation is limited. We have always enjoyed the experience and have seen Paulina Creek and the numerous falls along the path in various stages of flow – spring run off, fall with lessened volume, and winter ice. Some of our favorite experiences have involved the ice, and we have named that experience “chasing frozen waterfalls.”

The hike we did 11-11-23 was in the fall after first snow, but after warmer temperatures had melted much of the snow in the lower elevations. We saw just a handful of people the entire day and our hike up and back was much faster than we experience when we have to walk through snow. But we had an opportunity to discover little seen or accessed waterfalls and had a wonderful day. The total hike was 13.8 miles with roughly 1600 feet of elevation game.

Paulina Falls


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