Q&A with Tim — New Religions, AI Companions, Longevity Levers, Resurrecting “Forgotten” Languages, Stress-Testing Cherished Beliefs, Tactics for Writer’s Block, Low-Back Pain, and Much More (#704)


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Hello, boys and girls, ladies and germs. This is Tim Ferriss. Welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, where it is usually my job to sit down with world-class performers of all different types to tease out the habits, routines, favorite books, and so on that you can apply and test in your own life. 

This time, we have a slightly different format. I’m the guest, and you asked the questions. 

I recently sat down with subscribers to my email newsletter for a fun and live Q&A on YouTube.

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In this episode, I answer questions on resurrecting “forgotten” languages, dog training, writer’s block, reducing alcohol intake, AI companions, training the “good enough” muscle, low-back pain, the importance of weight training and muscle mass, travel recommendations for Japan, managing fear of death and the descent to death, breaking negative self-talk, and much, much more. 

Please enjoy! 

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#704: Q&A with Tim — New Religions, AI Companions, Longevity Levers, Resurrecting “Forgotten” Languages, Stress-Testing Cherished Beliefs, Tactics for Writer’s Block, Low-Back Pain, and Much More

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What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.




  • [07:10] How I’m reducing my carbon footprint.
  • [08:37] Parallel reality career choices.
  • [09:11] Life optimization (and deoptimization).
  • [11:40] Fan Ho: An impressive personality.
  • [12:15] The value of personal coaching.
  • [14:41] Working on the “good enough” muscle.
  • [16:10] My current video/audio tech specs.
  • [16:58] The impact studying overseas has had on my success.
  • [17:54] Is a part three with Todd McFarlane imminent?
  • [18:05] If it were written or revised today, what would I add to The 4-Hour Body?
  • [18:44] Cultivating the rustic country vibe of my living space.
  • [20:04] Have I ever experienced imposter syndrome while interviewing a guest?
  • [22:50] Why is there a washing machine in my kitchen?
  • [23:02] This winter’s skiing plans.
  • [23:33] If I started podcasting today, what would I do differently?
  • [25:33] Cutting back on booze.
  • [26:46] Skin care.
  • [29:44] Social activities that deliver maximum happiness.
  • [31:30] Yet-uninterviewed guests I’d like to have on.
  • [32:05] Foiling the friction of fabricating fiction.
  • [35:43] Gleaning meaning from holy scriptures.
  • [36:26] As a polyglot, how do I maintain fluency in languages I’ve learned?
  • [41:05] Training puppies, dolphins, chickens, and kids: The power of positive reinforcement.
  • [45:24] Batch cooking and the slow-carb diet.
  • [46:57] Digital emotional surrogacy’s impact on the loneliness epidemic.
  • [50:43] When reliance on the digital diminishes human deftness.
  • [52:22] Travel recommendations for Japan.
  • [55:28] The future of education: Talent sourcing and accelerated learning.
  • [57:08] The future of religion(s).
  • [1:00:05] The importance of weight training for longevity.
  • [1:03:48] Improving interview skills and asking the right questions.
  • [1:08:54] How I kickstart my metabolic machinery in the morning.
  • [1:11:56] Managing fear of death with Stoicism and transcendent experiences.
  • [1:15:20] Managing back pain: Exercises, techniques, and tools.
  • [1:19:47] A pronouncement for Pilates poo-pooers.
  • [1:20:32] Relationship advice may be dispensed at a later date.
  • [1:21:26] Rewatching favorite movies.
  • [1:21:53] Books that were better after a reread.
  • [1:22:51] Breaking negative self-talk: Gratitude practice and dialectical behavioral therapy.
  • [1:23:44] Parting thoughts.


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