Hit the road this holiday with these 10 travel accessories.

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This holiday season, travel accessories will be in high demand. That’s because 115 million people will be hitting the road (and the sky) in the next few weeks — two million more people than last year and the second highest since 2000, when AAA began tracking.

And since more Americans are investing in travel, despite the cost, to make memories with loved ones and experience new places, we’ve got some portable and easy travel accessories to make the trip more palatable. Immerse yourself in music, massage your pedal-weary foot, moisturize dehydrated skin, and beef up your laptop so you can get some work done on holiday. Check these products — some have a special promo for amNY readers — before you get in the car or on the plane.  


Earbuds of the future

Say hello to our new little friend — the Wilbur Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. The science is secret agent-like: you can be fully immersed in Taylor Swift and then use the pass-through transparency mode to  amplify outside sound so you can hear people without removing the earbuds. Takes your eavesdropping to the next level! 

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Say bye-bye To bobblehead sleep

Traffic is a pain in the neck but with the Cabeau Evolution Cool© Neck Pillow, you’ve got a fighting chance. Insulated like a turtleneck with air vents that prevent sweating and overheating, this pillow’s thin flattened back aligns with your spine and releases pent-up tension. The premium memory foam core is…unforgettable. 

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Moisturize road-weary skin

Did you know driving can dehydrate your skin? It’s true — blasting that heat draws moisture out. Try the thick base of oils and beeswax in Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream to transform your face, elbows, hands and feet and fight the flake. 

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Fast ironing on the go

When you arrive at your holiday destination, the Aipower Portable Steam Iron frees you from looking like a castaway. It works for about 30 minutes after fully charged, and it’s so compact and lightweight it shouldn’t even be called an iron.  Get 15% off when you use code AMNY15.

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Car battery need a jump? 

What creates more anxiety — a dead car battery or asking a stranger for a jumper cable? With the Scosche PowerUp® 700 portable car jump starter on your side, you can focus on the dead battery. Three cheers for the lithium ion battery power — it’s got a flashlight and it’ll charge your phone!

Jumper cables

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Beef up your laptop 

The Deloitte Travel Survey says that 33% of Americans plan on working at least part-time during their holiday. So instantly add two monitors to your laptop with the XEBEC The Tri-Screen 2 and give your productivity a turbo boost. Only 2 pounds, it’s so slim it can stay on your laptop even when you’re not using it for maximum portability. Comes with extendable kickstand support and is compatible with every laptop. Get $75 off when you use code AMNY75.

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Forget about the mess  

If kids could organize their own things, there’d be no need for the Helteko Back Seat Organizer. Can you imagine after taking a long trip and the underside of the front seat not being stuffed with kid clutter? Dreams can come true. Plenty of pockets and a clear tablet holder, all durable and easy to install. 

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Space-age luggage cubes  

We can’t wait to use these BAGSMART PACKING CUBES again. These compression travel cubes are kind of like how a vacuum sealer works. An extra zipper around the outside helps squash clothes down and minimize the space inside. Fit double the amount of clothes in your suitcase, and the pocket system will help you organize like a professional pack rat.  

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A mirror that’s 24/7  

With 80 LEDs, the 10x Magnifying Travel Mirror is the one travel accessory that lights up like an orb. The three-color light capability has a beauty all its own. White light is 98% similar to sunlight, natural light is suitable for office use, while yellow light is suitable for parties and dinner. 

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Massage roller will save your sole  

Pedal to the metal too long? The Natural CHEMISTREE Foot Massage Roller targets the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis, such as heel pain and foot pain. Enhanced blood circulation helps reduce inflammation and will get you road-ready for the trip home. 

orange massage roller

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