Reduce Risk When Renovating a Multi-Family Brownstone


Do you have plans to renovate your multi-family brownstone?

It’s important to have the right insurance coverage and here’s why:

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1. Regular building insurance is just a start.

Make sure your policy has builder’s risk insurance — a.k.a. “course of construction insurance.”

For renovating, you can’t be without it. It covers property and construction materials during renovation and installation work. (It also covers new-building construction.)

2. Your contractor also needs the right coverage.

Here’s the rub: You might have the right coverage, but does your contractor? Don’t get tangled in litigation. Send along the contractor’s policy to Brownstone Agency and they’ll check to make sure the proper coverage is there.

Reach out to Brownstone Agency today and inquire about locking in our three-year prepaid policy to keep your premiums at the same price.


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