Discover How The DISC Personality Test Will Transform Your Productivity w/ Gloria-Jean Brown (TPS490)


Discover the power of the DISC personality test and how this renowned tool goes beyond mere personality assessment to become a key to unlocking your productivity potential. Gloria-Jean Brown, an expert in DISC, guides us through tailoring productivity strategies to your personal style, boosting team dynamics, and mastering communication.

Dive into an engaging discussion filled with practical tips and real-life applications. Whether you’re new to DISC or looking for deeper insights, this episode promises to transform your approach to productivity and work.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [3:15]
  • How did Gloria go from the Air Force to being a productivity coach? [4:50]
  • How has the field of time management changed since the 90’s? [11:00]
  • What is a DISC assessment? [24:05]
  • The results of Thanh’s DISC assessment [25:41]
  • How does Gloria-Jean use DISC with clients? [39:19]
  • Where can you learn more about Gloria-Jean and DISC? [44:46]

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