Luscious Browns Elevate Park Slope Brownstone Decor


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“It was one of those perfect projects, with architects who brought great ideas to the table,” said Whitney Parris-Lamb, co-founder with Amanda Jesse of Prospect Heights-based interior design studio Jesse Parris Lamb. Together with the architecture firm Model Practice, they carried out the sweeping overhaul of a generously proportioned late 19th century brownstone, a project nearly three years in the making.

The house’s decor is cohesive from the family room on the garden level to a bulkhead reading nook in the upper reaches of the four-story house. “Because the house is so grand, the ceilings so tall, we had to bring it down to earth to make it comfortable for the family,” Parris-Lamb said. They accomplished this largely by leaning on warm brown tones, currently riding a wave of popularity in both interiors and high fashion, for a sepia feel “kind of like a vintage photograph.”

They began on the parlor floor, masterfully deploying neutrals there. “As we moved up through the house and got to know the clients better, things got a bit more colorful and daring,” said Jesse, with elements of red and bold-scale floral prints making appearances.

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