What Are Pop-Goals And How Do They Extinguish Your Potential


I’m not here to stroke your head, so this article might bite you.

In the heart. 

So for snowflakes, I suggest turning off this article and indulging in Disney world (here). But for those who want to achieve more, I suggest making some tea and giving the middle finger to the assholes (who are aiming to fuck up your life!).

What Are Pop-goals?

Pop goals (from the word “popular”) are superficial life goals that you pursue daily because someone wrapped them in glossy paper and shoved them in your head.


The term “pop” is used in memes (pop art) or music (pop music) to emphasize that it’s about what the majority uses.

Pop-goals are characterised by:

a) They lead you into arcs that make it hard for you to find your Self;
b) They are linked to cliché thinking, as more than 99% of people pursue such goals;
c) Pop-goals are created by organisations to make a profit—to make money out of you and there is no other goal;
d) We don’t pursue these goals because they are meaningful, but because we hear about them from friends, parents, TV, portals, etc.

Here are some examples of such goals.

For example, it’s popular these days to create startups. Everybody is talking about it, which is why millions of people dream of creating a startup. But in the old days, you would get hell for wanting to do that. Because under communism, people had different goals. It was popular to go to the meadows to pick corn. You can still find old people who romanticise those times, when the main goal was to help the state prosper (to make more money for Comrade Stalin).


And history is an interesting thing.

History Of Life Goals

5,000 years ago, there was no McDonald’s. Because it was difficult to feed ourselves, the main goal of Homo sapiens was to take care of their stomach. Therefore, in the mornings, Homo sapiens used to grab a stick and…

Over time, Homo sapiens thought, “What if we lived in larger groups instead of small ones? Wouldn’t we be safer?”

Avoiding bears and wolves gave rise to communities/clans and, of course, states.

For the state to thrive, it has had to develop tools to turn people into citizens. (By the way, I have always been amazed by the process by which people become citizens or part of the grey masses.)

History is silent on how things really happened. But there are those who say that everything was messed up by Alexander the Great (356 BC), who ordered the creation of a new list of goals that “suggested” praying to Christ’s father. But not everyone got the same list, so the rest of the world prayed to Allah. Religion has helped countries avoid revolutions because people of faith are more easily repressed. But over time religion stopped working, so old values were replaced by newer goals and the brains of young people were happy to swallow all the crap.

“Heeeey, they’re giving out sweets!”

(The only problem is, men carry sweaty sweets in their trouser pockets…)

However, there have always been areas where people’s goals/values have changed very slowly. For example, there are still tribes where parents suggest that children enjoy cannibalism. In Western New Guinea, there is a tribe called the Korowai on the Ndeiram Kabur River. The tribesmen believe that mysterious deaths are caused by demons who take the form of a human being and whose duty it is to eat the corpse of the deceased to avenge the death. But Europe and America are not far behind. Nowadays, people know how to “eat” and “kill” each other with words. That is why you will find a million comments on the Internet threatening with violence, because the haters are not pursuing the goals that wise people pursue, who do not surrender to the trendy goals, but rather the goals that they have received from modern culture.

The truth, continuing the discussion about a depraved society, I suggest taking a look at the following pop-goals:



Age hoped to achieve it by


Age hoped to achieve it by

1. Happiness


1. Happiness


2. Get married


2. Have a successful career


3. Travel around the world


3. Travel around the world


4. Own a dream home


4. Get married


5. Have a successful career


5. Own a dream home


6. Own a pet


6. Have an “extreme” hobby


7. Learn another language


7. Learn another language


Familiar goals?

I dare say that all these goals are second-rate, superficial… Just don’t start spitting, okay? Because today I’m going to tell you what you should really be aiming for, if you do the wiser thing.

But before that, I want to point out that all pop-goals are focused on the outside. To have money… To have a family… To have a gold ring… It’s all about possession, possessiveness. That’s why people say: “I have a man” or “I have a woman.”

I’m not saying that the things in this table are totally evil, I’m just saying that these things:

(a) they are related to the desires of the majority;
(b) they don’t guarantee that you will be a particularly inspiring person, because such people are those who know how to express themselves and those who aspire to something more.

I’m talking about more meaningful goals, which, unfortunately, nobody is talking about.

Looking at all this (the crap pushed by the media and popular commercial channels), it’s clear why civilisation is still in a latent state of development.

But I believe that one day humanity will wake up.

I believe that one day our children’s children will learn to distinguish between popularised goals and meaningful goals.

I believe that one day in schools they will tell a story that once upon a time, humanity was chasing fashionable goals that changed with the political winds.

Future generations will be able to distinguish between superficial, short-term goals and long-term goals, not because they have bigger brains, but because they have enough information.

Why Most People Still Pursue Superficial Goals?

People pursue superficial goals because there are no brave people like me yet.

Everyone is trying to please society.

Or am I wrong and the problem I am discussing with you is overblown? Okay, let’s check. Go out on the street and ask passers-by, “How do you distinguish superficial goals from wise goals?”

How many people do you think will answer this question correctly?

One out of 10 000?

“But, Alex, if I ask these questions, I will be laughed at!” you will say. Yes, they will laugh at you. But it doesn’t matter. Because they have nothing to respect them for.  And the ones worth respecting are very hard to find. And I respect such people.

My goal is to unite such people.

Oh yes, I’m a fighter for meaningful goals. My mission is to free you from standard thinking so that you stop pursuing superficial goals and choose your own personal path.

Those who follow my website are already ahead of time because they already know what people will aspire to when civilisation reaches a higher level. I have already given my readers all the secrets of a quality life that future generations will know. My readers have already seen the tables in which I have clearly shown the difference between handed goals and the eternal laws of the universe. And you, have you seen that priceless information?

Use my knowledge to take yourself to the next level. I’m confident that my information will free you from standard goals and standard mindset. So, follow me and you will make a difference in humanity’s changes. Because you should always start with yourself. If you pass on your knowledge to your children, you will liberate them from the standard mindset.

By the way, I’m not some kind of prophet, I just found books where geniuses have predicted what the future holds and put it all together in one place. That’s all…

And even though someone has said that I’m the truest path to people’s personal freedom and wisdom…

And although someone has said that I’m enviably wise, I don’t propose to exalt me, because my mission is different. I’m a wake-up call that constantly encourages you to break free from clichéd mindset. I have given you a lot of love and information, and that steering wheel is already in your warm hands. You will only be free if you take the responsibility to free yourself.

So all you have to do is find that article where I already wrote about the most important goals. I have mentioned some of the goals in one of my books. Have you read it?

Where is your answer?

On the other hand, I’m not a scrooge.

Although I have written them all down in my books, I am about to give one of them away.

Oh yes, YOU are about to get a priceless goal—here and now.

Breathe in some air, because it will change everything!

Because my goal is so important that…

But let’s start from the beginning.

When I was little, I had very little happiness and confidence. I was a loser. I wanted to change that, so I often asked people, “What can I do to find happiness?” Everybody responded like robots, “You need to find yourself, understand what you want, then you will be happy.” Grown-up people have fooled me by saying that. But I trusted them and I started to explore, to find out what I liked… I started to find myself… Sports, golf, basketball, etc. Although it took a while, I eventually found out that I like playing guitar. I bought a guitar… It took me a lot of effort to get it. I went through the crossroads… But for now, let’s go back to my wish. I wanted to become a famous guitarist. Even though my wish was gigantic and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I didn’t do very well. I knew a lot of other artists who were trying to make a living by playing, but they couldn’t, even though they were trying very hard… They dreamt of a goal, but they couldn’t achieve it… It hurt them… So they used alcohol to soothe the pain… Therefore, many questions arose for me: is it really important to know what you want, or is there something more important?

What Are Pop-goals?

I believe that schools should teach this… I believe it’s important… I believe that the most important thing is to learn how to achieve goals because when you know how to do that, you can achieve what you want. But if you don’t know how to achieve goals, your desire becomes meaningless because you have no idea how to achieve it.

So, remember, when someone tells you they are looking for themselves in a career, tell them that knowledge will come with time, but first you need to learn how to achieve goals. Because the biggest problem is that you don’t know how to achieve goals, not that you don’t know what you want. BECAUSE your desires change, but knowing how to achieve your goals is a skill that will save your ass in all situations.

Think about it, if you know how to achieve your goals, you could create the desire to “find yourself” and achieve it with one snap of your fingers…

Do you understand what I mean?

This should be taught in schools, because if you don’t know how to achieve goals, then you will be a loser, no matter how much you know what you want or n…

Learn how to reach your goals faster and become UNBEATABLE.

Remember: successful people know how to achieve their goals. They have learned how to achieve goals, and most importantly… Their hobby is to learn how to reach their goals faster. They like to work towards goals… So some people like to play the guitar and others like to achieve goals. They don’t care about the goal itself, but focus on the process of achieving the goal, because that’s what’s most interesting.

So, I repeat, your goal should be: To become a person who knows how to achieve goals.

And although I’ve written about it in many places, only a few people have remembered… 

But this time is different, this time you take with you this wonderful and very wise life goal: “To become a person who knows how to achieve goals.”

Tell me in the comments if you liked it—”I liked it,” “I want more” or _____ . Thank you!!!


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