Brownstone Agency’s Affordable Building Insurance


There’s great responsibility in owning a multi-family building— and plenty of headaches too. Here are some ways to reduce the headaches, courtesy of Brownstone Agency.

Brownstone agency

Photo by Sam Balye via Unsplash

Better pricing: Lock in a three-year prepaid policy with Brownstone Agency and you’ll get savings and look a lot smarter than everybody else who’s absorbing 25 percent annual increases. (No other agency offers this.)

Better coverage for the building: Rest easy, property insurance covers damage due to a covered event — such as a fire — and also mechanical and electrical system breakdowns, among other things.

Better coverage for you: No worries — general liability insurance provides legal defense and coverage for claims of bodily injury and property damage caused by accident. Associated medical costs are covered too.

To protect your investment, and yourself, reach out to Brownstone Agency today and ask about coverage.


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