The Insider: Shipshape Windsor Terrace Rebuild Centers Open Plan Design, Sustainability, Function


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The sight of the freestanding minimalist structure on a block of traditional 19th century houses raises an obvious question: Is it a from-the-ground-up new build or a really extensive renovation?

The answer lies somewhere in between. The rear portion of the structure, a horizontal two-story addition that adds 500 square feet, is brand new. As for the rest, “It’s an expansion of an existing house,” said architect Andrew Lyon, a founding partner of Brooklyn-based Studio Lyon/Szot, which undertook the huge project for clients open to a radically modern approach.

“We basically took the entire facade off,” Lyon said. “We had just the rubble foundation and rough framing, and most of that was in poor shape. When you start to pull a thread on a sweater, you go back to a ball of yarn.”

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