What’s your freedom number? | Alain Guillot How much do you need?


I always wanted to be completely free, like most people, and I have been constantly working for it, the old fashion way; working, saving, working some more, saving some more.

What I want is to have enough capital:

  • so that I don’t have to worry about paying my bills,
  • so that I can go to any restaurant and not worry about the price,
  • so that I can take one vacation per year
  • so that I can still continue living my favorite neighborhood which is slowly being gentrified and the rent is going up very fast.

I am not asking for much. My freedom number for the moment, is one million dollars.

At this moment, I think that with one million I will be able to pay my rent, eat in restaurants several time per week, and travel once a year.

If the stock market continues growing at the same rate as the last 10 years, I could have one million dollars within five years.

Also, I will continue working on my side hustles as a Dance Teacher, Event Photographer, and my latest side hustle as event organizer for Solopreneurs Montreal.

What is your freedom number? What is that amount of capital that you need so that you can do what you really want.

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