120 Rentals in 3 Years by Buying Multifamily During a BAD Market


Would you buy multifamily real estate now? Asset prices are falling, mortgage rates are still high, banks aren’t taking on new loans, and every real estate “expert” thinks that the multifamily space is full of dead deals. If this was so true, then how did Brian Adamson build a multimillion-dollar, 120-unit portfolio with plenty of cash flow and seven figures in equity all in the past four years, a time of tremendous booms and busts in the multifamily market? Well, he’s about to show you!

Brian started investing before The Great Recession but didn’t walk away from the housing crash unscathed. Thankfully, a few upside-down properties didn’t stop him from investing as he continued to do wholesaling and fix and flip deals from 2008 onwards. But, in 2020, he had a calling to start investing in multifamily during a hot market and in areas most real estate investors would run from.

Fast forward close to four years later, and Brian has a rental property portfolio of over one hundred units, with tens of thousands in cash flow coming in every month and millions in equity. He bought when he shouldn’t have, in places investors run from, with loans even top investors refuse to use, but he came out on top. In this episode, he’ll break down his exact strategy, what and where he’s buying, and how much money he’s making, plus some real estate markets he’s bullish on in 2024.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Massive multifamily deals that are making Brian a millionaire even during a down market
  • A failed first multifamily attempt that cost Brian tens of thousands of dollars
  • Investing in markets that most investors would NEVER even consider 
  • The exact rent, cash flow, and equity numbers Brian looks at before buying
  • How to use bridge loans to cover your rehab costs on a home-run deal
  • Real estate investing markets that Brian is bullish on in 2024 
  • And So Much More!

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