Lavish Details, ‘Birthday Cake’ Colors Sweeten Heights Condo


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Previously, this prewar condo was done up in austere Scandinavian style. Its new owner, a well-traveled young lawyer-turned-psychologist, has “a very different aesthetic, flowery and ornamental,” said Cheryl Settino Mosher, head of interior design for The Brooklyn Studio, a prolific architecture and design firm founded in 1997 as CWB Architects. “The directive was ‘a space that feels joyful,’” Mosher recalled, with no holds barred when it came to color. “I kept showing her color palettes and she kept saying ‘Bolder, bolder.’”

“We renovated 80 to 90 percent of the apartment,” Mosher estimated, suffusing the space with rich color and pattern in the form of paint, tile, and carved wood panels called mosharabi, a traditional Moorish craft. The Brooklyn Studio created a custom niche in the living room to embrace the client’s shapely sofa, rethought the kitchen in its entirety, and designed new millwork, seating, and bookshelves. Borrowing some square footage from one of the apartment’s two bedrooms, they made space for a sumptuous dressing area with de Gournay wallpaper and a bath with exceptional tile work.

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