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Mindset Journal for Women Positive Thinking

My new book, Mindset Journal for Women, is finally out on Amazon…yay!! It is a journal workbook with prompts to practice positive thinking, mindfulness and to improve mental health. You can find the listing on Amazon here.

For the vast majority of people, nearly 90% of our self-talk is negative. It is reflective of having a negative or limiting mindset. In order to overcome the habitual pattern of negative thinking, we need to consistently work on building a positive mindset. Also, studies show that more women than men go into depression. It is where the Mindset Journal for Women comes in.

The journal book uses the metaphor of your mind being a garden and you as the gardener.

The floral theme in the interior pages acts as a nice reminder and inspiration. Imagine each page as a fertile patch of soil, ready for your seeds of inspiration to take root. With its floral theme, every turn invites you to immerse yourself in planting seeds of positivity. 

It’s not just daily pages that I have included. I have also incorporated a mini workbook planner in Section A so that you can be introduced to concepts that would be helpful for building foundation. There are guided prompts designed to spark growth, foster gratitude, and to practice mindfulness. Section B features daily, weekly and monthly journal pages that are helpful for habit tracking, reflection and for reviews.

As someone who has experienced self-doubt, imposter syndrome, deep-rooted beliefs of “not good enough” and depression, I know what it feels like to have a negative mindset. During my early adult years, I would suffer from bad episodes of panic from insomnia and an inability to fall asleep. Later, when I started my business and became a mother, these new stages brought its own set of challenges.

My experiences reinforced the knowing about how important it is to have a strong mindset to weather any feelings of overwhelm and stress. I realised that it would be impossible to be successful without a positive frame of mind. As a result, I sought to actively invest and to work on my mindset from 10 years ago. It’s something that I continue to do so till today.

One day, my love for flowers and plants got me thinking about using the metaphor of gardening for growing a healthier mindset. There’s no better way than to encourage others to do it through journaling. My ideas sparked the design for my Mindset Journal for Women. It took me 6 weeks to go from conceptualision and to submitting it for approval by Amazon. 

While I run a small coaching business, I hold the big dream of changing 1-million lives through my low-cost self-published books. My desire is to channel part of the proceeds for supporting women causes. If you believe that the book will be helpful for women who needs to work on themselves, do support my endeavour with a purchase.

Mindset Journal for Women with Journal Pages and Guided Prompts

May I suggest The Mindset Journal for Women as a trusted companion for your personal growth path.

Have it by your side as you cultivate confidence, reach for your goals and bloom into the radiant woman you were always meant to be.

Tend to the Garden of Your Mind and Transform Your Life! 

It’s available on paperback. Get your pens out and start journaling! Make a purchase of the Mindset Journal for Women on Amazon here! 

Thank you for your support, 
Evelyn Lim
Transformation Life Coach


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